PICTURES: Police Found $20.8 Million Worth Of Drugs And Guns In A Trailer Outside A Sydney Home

Photo: supplied.

Drug squad detectives seized more than $20 million worth of drugs and multiple firearms from a box trailer parked outside a home western Sydney.

Last week police found chemicals and equipment “consistent with a drug laboratory” in a car outside a home on Saxonvale Crescent, Edensor Park.

Google Maps/ Saxonvale Crescent.

A check of the trailer by specialist drug squad officers revealed it held more than 50kg of drugs. Inside was 14.7kg of heroin, 6.2kg of amphetamines tablets, 1.2kg of methylamphetamine, 5L of methylamphetamine oil and 30kg of ephedrine.

Authorities estimated the potential street value of the drugs was worth $20.8 million.

Among the drugs was several firearms, including an Uzi machine gun, an assault rifle and silencer, four handguns, two shortened shotguns and assorted ammunition.

One of the handguns, a Glock pistol, has since been identified as one of a number of Glock pistols illegally imported into Australia from Germany in 2012. At the time, police said 140 to 220 Glocks had been imported into Sydney via airfreight a south Sydney syndicate. Read more on that here.

A 27-year-old man from Greenfield Park has since been charged with supplying a large commercial quantity of a prohibited drugs and number of other drug related offences.

He will reappear at Campbelltown Local Court today.

The investigation was part of the New South Wales drug squad’s ongoing investigations into the manufacture of prohibited drugs under Strike Force Herd.

There are some of the contents of the trailer.

6.2 kilograms of amphetamines tablets were found and seized.

The total street value of the drugs is believed to be worth more than $20 million.

This is one of the several guns.

Here are the others.

This is one of the two shortened shotguns.

And the Glock.

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