Wild Pictures Of Ginormous Waves From The 'Weather Bomb' That's Hitting The UK Right Now

A rapid drop in pressure known as a “weather bomb” has brought strong winds and large waves to the northwest coast of the UK on Wednesday.

The Met Office has issued a “yellow wind alert” for large parts of the country, warning of 60-70 mile per hour wind gusts in northern and central parts of the UK and expected to last into early Thursday.

Scotland’s Western Isles, where as many as 17,000 people were temporarily without power this morning, is battling even stronger winds and may receive some snow later on.

Prepare for “dangerous conditions,” the Met Office warned earlier.

They aren’t kidding.

Check out the images below to see the wild weather that’s affecting parts of Britain right now.

We don’t advise a visit to the beach right now, but this man braved the storm to get a picture of waves crashing against the promenade wall in Prestwick, Scotland.

In Scotland’s Western Islands, most public places, including schools, museums, and sport centres, were shut down on Wednesday.

Scotland Storm

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Large waves also hit at Portstewart in northern Ireland.

Many ferry services have been cancelled due to sea swells up to 40 ft.

The Met Office has warned of dangerous travel conditions.

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