Extreme Pictures Of Turkish Special Forces Training In The Snow

Turkey Winter Commando*8Mehmet Emin Gurbuz/Anadolu Agency/Getty ImagesCommandos are seen at Koroglu Mountain during the last day of their 5 day ‘Fight with Heavy Snow and Cold Training’ in Bolu, northwest of Turkey, on January 27, 2015.

It’s pretty cold in parts of Turkey right now.

But the Turkish special forces has made the most of the winter weather by setting up a special military training camp for fighting in the snow.

Photographer Mehmet Emin Gurbuz was given special access to the five-day training camp in Bolu, located in the north of the country.

Training was held in Bolu, 200 kilometres north of Turkey's capital Ankara.

The training lasted five days, from Jan 22-27.

The average temperature in January is around 0 degrees C, but at nights it can go as low as -10 degrees C.

Snow warfare is common in Arctic countries such as Canada and Russia, while Turkish armed forces are usually seen in action in warmer climates.

But given the freezing temperatures of central Anatolia, Turkey wants its special forces trained in these conditions.

Winter warfare requires special equipment like skis and snowshoes.

Guns are normally wrapped in sleeves to keep them working in these conditions.

Sometimes the guns are equipped with a special trigger guard that fits the heavy mittens worn by the soldiers.

The soldiers also wear special camouflage uniforms to hide in the snow.

Soldiers go through the same drills as in normal training camps.

These shooters are practising among smoke bombs.

These soldiers are looking for landmines.

The Turkish army has a long history of confrontation on mountain terrains with the PKK, the Kurdish militia that fights for an independent state in the mountains between Turkey and Iraq.

Recently though they have also been confronted by fighters from the Islamic State near the border with Syria.

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