Traders, send us photos of your trading desks

Trading desk

We know that a bunch of our readers spend a lot of time in front of their monitors trading the markets. It’s basically their second home, so they have to tailor it to their needs and strategy.

That’s why we’d like you to send us photos of your trading desk setup. Let us know what makes it so perfect for you.

And no worries, we’ll keep you anonymous if you wish. We’re just curious.

Here are some things we want to know: What sort of trading platform do you use (CQG, Bloomberg, Trading Technologies, PATS, Redi, Sterling, etc.)? Is it browser based or a standalone app? Or do you have your own proprietary software?

Do you use a Bloomberg Terminal?

Do you use a squawk such as RANsquawk or TradersAudio or something similar?

How many monitors do you use? What do you like to look at on your monitors? Any business news sites or blogs that you like to read?

Do you have a TV by your trade station? If so, do you watch CNBC, Bloomberg or Fox Business?

Also, where in the world do you trade from?

And do you have anything special such as a killer view of the Hudson River or the Pacific Ocean?

Finally, can you give us an overview of your strategy and why your tools are so important for executing it?

Please send photos and descriptions to [email protected] and [email protected]