Mesmerising pictures of a bunch of different things in the world that are the colour yellow

Yellow rubber ducksREUTERS/Laszlo BaloghRubber ducks float in the Danube river in the centre of Budapest August 31,2014. Fifty-two thousand rubber ducks wearing sunglasses were dropped during the ‘The Great Rubber Ducky Race 2014.’


It’s the colour of sunshine, ripe bananas, and baby ducks.

In business, yellow is used by brands to express happiness, optimism, and friendliness.

If you want to experience the bright colour in full force, Reuters has rounded up a bunch of creative photos that illustrate yellow hues. When you view them all at once, it’s almost hypnotising.

Getting smacked in the face with yellow-coloured powder might feel unpleasant, but it looks pretty cool on camera.

Are those lemons? Not quite. These are actually yuzu, a citrus fruit from Japan. They have a tart flavour, similar to a grapefruit or a mandarin orange.

These fluffy ducklings are covered in yellow down that keeps them warm.

Eggs used to make 'tortilla patata,' or potato omelet, are photographed during a four-day cooking conference in Spain.

These paper lanterns are among 29,000 that were lit up during a festival at Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo.

Bright yellow fields of rapeseed, which produces a light cooking oil, are seen in northern England .

The Danube river in central Budapest turns into a sea of yellow covered by 52,000 floating rubber ducks.

This boy is painted yellow to resemble a tiger at a festival in India.

This bee nearly blends in with the sunflower it's collecting nectar from.

A driver in India takes a nap on his yellow Ambassador taxi.

These freshly cooked fries look perfectly golden.

These yellow balloons are about to be released into the skies above Sao Paulo to celebrate the New Year.

The oil drums at Shell's lubricants blending plant are bright yellow.

Bananas turn yellow when they ripen, but the peel becomes more brown as the cell walls break down.

Sunflowers, which can grow up to 15 feet tall, have beautiful yellow petals.

A man crosses a yellow-painted road in Brussels.

Newly-harvested corn cobs are seen near a field in China.

Leaves turn yellow in the fall when the chlorophyll that gives plants their green colour disappears.

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