22 Mouthwatering Pictures Of Sushi At New York's Newest 4-Star Restaurant

Daisuke Nakazawa, the protégé of Jiro Ono (the subject of the documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi“), has received a rare four-star review from New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells.

Wells called Nakazawa’s sushi “eye-opening,” and the entire review was a glowing call for all New Yorkers to try the 10-seat restaurant.

But since reservations are going to be next-to-impossible to secure, at least you can look at some of the mouth-watering Instagram pictures from the lucky few who have tried Nakazawa’s omakase meal ($150 at the sushi bar, $US120 in the dining room).

Welcome to Sushi Nakazawa, the new four-star restaurant in New York City.

Let’s take a look at the four-star sushi, shall we?

Sea urchins!

And here’s that same sea urchin (uni) out of its spiky shell:

His signature tamago, or Japanese omelette.

One last glimpse of the assortment at Sushi Nakazawa:

And dessert — a yuzu sorbet with pomegranate.

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