Broke Los Angeles Spent $578 Million On This Extravagant Public School


The largest city of the brokest state in America just opened the doors on the $578-million RFK School. Built on the site of the historic Ambassador Hotel, the K-12 facility is now the most expensive public school in the country.

So how did LA spend that much money?

They gave the school a state-of-the-art swimming pool, underground parking, historically recreated sections of the hotel, “talking benches” that describe the site’s significance, a teacher’s lounge modelled after the famous Cocoanut Grove Night Club — and they got in a bidding war with Donald Trump.

Poor taxpayers!

We’ve got designs of the gorgeous school from architectural firm Gonzalez Goodale.

Here's the high school and middle school

130 classrooms on six floors

Ultra modern design (and of course they've got palm trees)

An absolutely killer pool

Puts the United Nations building to shame

With the biggest park area in sight

And here's the K-5 building

Another 44 classrooms here

High tech and modern design

Call it a mini-Lincoln centre

A look inside the library

The back side of the school

Sweet playground

Even the hallways are ridiculous

Can we live here?

But does California have money to spare? Nope! Check out...

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