Even Republicans Will Like These Pictures Of President Obama With Kids...

From White House photographer Pete Souza’s gallery of 2014

April 28, 2014. “‘Help me up!’, the President beckoned after posing for a photograph with children at the U.S. Embassy in Manila, the Philippines.”

September 8, 2014. “‘How Does Someone Get to Meet the President of the United States?’ Parker McAllen, 13, wrote such a letter to the President, and before long, the President invited Parker and her family to the White House.” 

September 22, 2014. “As the President was greeting wounded warriors and their families, I focused on this young girl as the President shook hands with her father. I love how she’s touching the President’s arm as she looks up at him almost in disbelief.” 


 April 4, 2014. “…The President and one-year-old Lincoln Rose Smith as she learns to walk in the Oval Office. This moment happened when former Deputy Press Secretary Jamie Smith and her family stopped by for a departure greet and photograph with the President.” 


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