10 Pictures Of Guys Looking Hot In Lululemon

Lululemon CEO Christine Day just announced that the brand plans to open standalone stores for men. 

The brand has offered men’s clothing for several years, but faces a challenge in getting the male contingent in stores because the brand has generally been associated with women. 

“As it stands now, most men wouldn’t shop at Lululemon,” Brian Sozzi, chief equities strategist at Belus Capital, told us. “It will take careful planning to pull off a successful launch.” 

We found 10 photos of men wearing Lululemon and looking really good. Maybe sceptical guys out there will be inspired.

This attractive man assists some yogis at a retreat.

This chiseled man holds a yoga pose like a pro.

This man has mastered the art of balance.

This instructor assists a room of mostly female students.

This guy looks very cool in his Lululemon shirt.

A man sports his surfboard and Lululemon swimwear.

This guy looks casual in a Lululemon zip-up pullover.

A man sports Lululemon while running with his dog.

A handsome man takes a picturesque run in Lululemon.

This man isn't afraid to get sweaty in his Lululemon.

You've seen men looking hot in their yoga wear...

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