These Pictures Of Chuck Hagel At The Hearing Really Say It All


Photo: AP

We support Chuck Hagel’s nomination to Secretary of defence and think he’s likely to be confirmed too, but boy did he get battered during Thursday’s hearings.Maybe it’s a testament to his genuine nature that his face expressed so freely what he was feeling during the gruelling, all-day process.

Which is why Max Read at Gawker posted a clever article titled 11 Photos Of Chuck Hagel Blowing His Confirmation Hearing. Now we’re going to present our own interpretation of photos of Hagel during the hearing.

The hearings began with Senator Levin listing one-by-one votes and comments Hagel had made he found offensive — Hagel just listened.

Levin paved the way for the battering to come — and posed a passing question about Hagel's opposition to unilateral sanctions before passing the floor along .

Then McCain got down to business demanding to know if Hagel felt correct, looking back, at his view of the 2007 Iraq surge.

Throughout it all Hagel showed what having a military veteran in the defence Secretary's office means to America's troops.

Let's hope the hearings conclude with approval and the Pentagon receives a badly needed troop-concerned perspective.

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