Hilarious and embarrassing pictures of global leaders taking selfies

Joe Biden selfieREUTERS/Larry DowningUS Vice President Joe Biden is a selfie king.

Politicians are always looking for a way to hijack new trends for their own end, and selfies are no different.

Here are some of the best efforts from politicians around the world, showcasing some who have mastered the art and others who have failed miserably.

French President Francois Hollande is the master of the dull political selfie. In pictures like these, it actually looks like he's trying not to be interesting.

Here Hollande's selfie-mate is smiling but he looks somewhere between bored and startled, and it's really not a good look.

London mayor Boris Johnson, who's often touted as a future Prime Minister, takes an OK selfie, but we know he could do so much better.

Fair play to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who displays a rare solo political selfie here, during the 2014 election he won by a landslide.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff doesn't look entirely comfortable with this, and it's fair to say that selfies taken from below are not usually flattering.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's selfies are actually even duller than Francois Hollande's, which is an impressive feat.

Unlike some politicians, it looks like Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto actually takes a pretty good selfie

Former US Secretary of State and likely presidential candidate Hillary Clinton could have got a little closer to her fan in this selfie, during a trip to Iowa.

Unlike many amateurs, US Vice President Joe Biden is a selfie king -- check out his strong smile and over-the-shoulder action here -- a true master of the medium.

This is a good effort by US secretary of state John Kerry, using a backwards lean to get as many people into the picture as possible during a trip to Indonesia.

Like Brazil's President, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper could really do with working on the angle at which his selfies are taken.

Angela Merkel looks a little confused and bored here, in comparison to the young people trying to get a picture with her.

This isn't a terrible effort from UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who has clearly been practising his selfie technique recently.

Because about a year ago Cameron looked a bit perplexed taking this picture, and from the flash, it looks like he was using the wrong camera setting.

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