Photos from the Orioles-White Sox game that's being played in an empty stadium

Amid ongoing violence in Baltimore, MLB decided to play the Baltimore Orioles-Chicago White Sox game in an empty Camden Yards on Wednesday. 

An MLB official told Russell Berman of The Atlantic that it’s probably the first time an MLB game was played behind closed doors.

Nonetheless, the two teams took the field at the scheduled 2:05 p.m. eastern start and went about business as usual, even with an opening recorded national anthem

Pictures of the empty stadium and the eerily quiet game depict an the odd scene. 

The concourse is basically empty:

Some fans are trying to watch from outside the gate around left-center field:

The game in action:

Media members have been tweeting pictures of the scene:

The stadium isn’t completely empty — there are some scouts sitting behind home plate:

Otherwise, the only people in attendance are media members:

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