10 Dogs Who Had A Blast At Their Owners' Weddings [PICTURES]

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Given our love of pets, it’s no big surprise that the newest trend for weddings is to have Fido on the guest list, according to the New York Post.

There are a few obvious perks to having a dog in your wedding party: They always get the dress code right, they look adorable in pictures, and they probably love you a whole lot more than your mother-in-law’s mahjong friends.

Sydney-based photographer Katie Preston Toepfer was early to catch onto the dog-as-wedding-guest trend, and recently turned her successful blog on the subject into a book — Wedding Dogs: A Celebration of Holy Muttrimony.

It has almost 70 pictures of dogs in weddings from photographers around the world.

“I think that dogs inevitably become part of your family,” Toepher explained to Business Insider. “Not having them at your wedding would be like not inviting a close family member.”

“One of my favourite stories is that of Gracie the English Lab,” Toepfer said. “She broke free from the confines of her ‘post-ceremony’ hotel room and made her way to the reception room where she was first spotted on the dance floor mingling with guests and eating canapes!”

“I guess she didn’t want to miss out on the fun!”

Toepher shared some of her favourite images from the book with us. Prepare to say “aww.”

This looker wondered why he was the only one wearing a bow tie.

This ecstatic French bull dog just couldn't stop crying: It was so beautiful!

The well-dressed Oscar eagerly awaited the bride's entrance.

This little dude just wanted to make sure the paperwork went smoothly.

A bulldog named Romeo just couldn't let his Juliet go!

Princess knew she pulled off white better than the bride.

Faithful black lab Artie was just so happy the day had finally come.

And this handsome devil knew his best angle for wedding photographs.

Can't get enough of man's best friend?

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