Here Are The 26 Craziest Custom Vehicles In The World

terrafugia flying car transition

People do some crazy things to customise their cars.

From a Swarovski crystal-encrusted Mercedes to a frighteningly realistic insect-shaped motorobike, we found 26 custom sets of wheels that are turning heads around the world. 

And yes, there is a flying car included. 

This tricked out stretch Mini Cooper S has 6 passenger seats, 4 doors, 6 wheels and a Jacuzzi for relaxing on those long drives.

Up to 7 tourists can share one of these bikes (dubbed the 'Velovisit') to cruise around Paris. The 7 seats face each other so riders can chat, while one person must be responsible for holding the handlebars and braking.

This woman took her extreme unicycle for a ride through Shanghai.

This 25-foot-long car shaped like a cricket bat was a huge hit in cricket-obsessed India.

A man rides a tiny bike at a summer motorcycle rally in southern Portugal.

Two test-drivers in Brooklyn try out the Project P.U.M.A. prototype, a two-wheeled vehicle being developed by General Motors and Segway for city-dwellers.

This insane pool table car has 3 wheels and can travel at up to 28 miles per hour.

Two custom Mercedes-Benz SL600s, each wearing 300,000 Swarovski crystals, are displayed in Tokyo.

This Messerschmitt KR200 microcar, seen here in Havana, dates back to before the Cuban Revolution.

This car in Vancouver is part of a collaborative urban transformation program and has a garden growing where its engine should be.

A worker in Bangkok rides on a (frighteningly realistic) insect-themed motorcycle.

Workers at Ford's Chicago assembly plant help transport a life-size Ford Explorer made entirely of Legos.

One lucky guy test-drives a high heel-shaped car in southern India.

A woman and her son ride their bubble-shaped electric tricycle around Beijing.

Terrafugia Transition, a flying car, spreads its wings at the New York International Auto Show.

Two men drive a vintage Fiat 500 in Zug, Switzerland.

Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni rides his cleverest invention yet: a cardboard bicycle.

This car in Nigeria is seen covered with woven raffia palm cane.

This 30-year-old worker from Xinjiang Uighur, an autonomous region of China, spent a year building his custom super-cycle.

A biological analyst at the Seattle Sperm Bank rides the Sperm Bike, a custom bike that transports donor sperm to the bank in liquid nitrogen cooled vacuum containers.

Test drivers from TUM CREATE try out the company's new VOI scooter in Singapore.

A member of the Amphicar Club of Berlin drives his amphibious car down the Grand Canal in Venice.

Istvan Puskas, a Hungarian tractor driver, built this chopper made out of firewood over a 2 year period.

Zhang Jinduo of the Shenyang, Liaoning province in China built this racing car entirely at home with the help of his son, a car mechanic.

Wang Jian, a young Chinese farmer, used spare parts from a second-hand Nissan and a Santana to build this Batmobile-esque replica of a Lamborghini Reventon. It cost Wang about $9,450 to build and can go up to 160 miles per hour.

Two men ride a motorcycle disguised as a stuffed lizard motorcycle at a carnival in Nigeria.

Now see cars that are a bit slicker.

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