Inside 'Dismaland' -- the new Banksy art installation taking a crack at Disney

Banksy, the notoriously anonymous street artist and social commentator, is at it again. His latest stunt is a makeshift “bemusement park” called Dismaland, located in seaside English town Weston-super-Mare. 

The park, a satirical spin on world famous Disneyland, is filled with works of art that — according to the installation’s website — center around a theme of “chronic leisure surplus.”

Though the park doesn’t open to the the public until August 21, videos and photos of Dismaland have already been released online. 

Read on to see what Banksy’s largest project yet looks like.



This is the official brochure for Dismaland.

The logo matches Disneyland's iconic font perfectly.

And here is a park map:

You can spot Cinderella's castle and Ariel in the center.

Up close, the castle and Ariel statue are eerie.

The image isn't damaged -- Ariel's statue is designed to look like it's glitching out.

This Vine shows the full chaos of the scene.

Mashable's UK editor Tim Chester posted this clip, along with many others, during his visit to Dismaland.

This is not the first jab Banksy has taken at the Walt Disney Company. In 2006, the guerrilla-style artist sneaked a figure dressed like a Guantanamo Bay prisoner into Disneyland.

An onlooker snapped this low quality photo before park officials cleared the figure from their property.

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