Gorgeous Pictures Of Apple's New Gold IPhone 5S

The breakout star of Apple’s new range of iPhones announced today was the gold version of the iPhone 5S.

It’s actually made of hi-grade aluminium.

But it looks as shiny and polished as if it were gold-plated.

We think it’s sure to be a fashion-statement for some customers — you’ll be able to see this thing from across the room.

Take a look for yourself.

Here it is ... it is very beautiful ...

And very shiny ...

The brushed gold aluminium edges are 'chamfered,' to use the design term ...

This thing is amazing-looking.

The home button has a new gold ring round it.

(It's not really gold, by the way.)

The ring plays a new role in Apple's fingerprint ID technology which unlocks the phone.

No need for a password anymore -- the phone recognises your thumb.

The ring detects the presence of your finger.

The sapphire crystal inside it acts as a lens to focus on your fingertip ...

It takes a hi-res image of your print to confirm it's you.

Here are the standard views.

This A7 processor runs the whole show inside it.

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