The Internet Is Having A Field Day With This Gigantic Billboard Of Angela Merkel's Hands

Merkel handsREUTERS/Thomas PeterA giant mosaic showing the hands of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is seen on September 5, 2013.

Eyeing re-election, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Christian Democratic Union (CDU) leader put up a new billboard next to Berlin’s main train station.

It immediately became a meme.

The giant mosaic shows Merkel’s hands composed of smaller photographs of hands.

The orange banner on the left reads “Germany’s future is in good hands.”

The tumblr Merkel-Raute or “Merkel Hash,” has been compiling them under the tag “The hands of the Merkel – Germany’s future is in good hands” in German.

Here are a few:

daseinhorn2013/Merkel Hash‘Montgomery Burns-kraute’



daseinhorn2013/Merkel Hash‘All work and no play makes a dull girl Angela.’

Check out more at Merkel Hash >

We can see why it would get the Internet stirring. Here are a few more vantage points of the massive signage:

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