Pictures Of The Worst Flood In North Dakota History


Photo: U.S. National Guard

North Dakota is suffering from its worst flood in history after the Souris River broke the levees last week in Minot.11,000 residents have been evacuated and 1,100 National Guardsmen and Airmen from the local Air Force base have been monitoring dikes, controlling traffic, and maintaining security.

Few of the 4,000 homes affected by the rising waters have flood insurance.

The state legislature is expected to vote on some type of relief to supplement FEMA’s contribution.

Emergency workers race to build a ring levee around a breach area on the west side of Broadway as a large backhoe sinks between two houses

The Souris River swells above the temporary levees

A member of the North Dakota National Guard's Devils Lake, N.D. patrols one of the mandatory evacuation zones in Minot

Water engulfs a neighbourhood in Minot

A National Guard vehicle moves through flooded streets

North Dakota National Guard vehicles patrol one of the mandatory evacuation zones in Minot

Water floods a home in a Minot neighbourhood

Water floods areas along the Souris River Basin near Minot

National Guard members reinforce a levy in Minot

Businesses as well as neighborhoods are underwater

Minot has it bad, but many U.S. cities have seen far worse

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