PICTURES: Here's the aftermath of cyclone Debbie in Lismore

A street in Lismore’s CBD. Photo: Getty

Ex-tropical cyclone Debbie has wreaked incredible amounts of damage in Queensland and northern NSW since it hit on Tuesday last week.

The cyclone first hit Far-North Queensland at about midday on Monday and the damage was immediate.

As the cyclone travelled down the state, it left 50 people trapped in floodwaters in Mackay. All schools in Brisbane were closed last Thursday, and residents of Lismore were evacuated as floodwaters overtopped the city’s levee, designed for 1-in-10 year floods, on Friday morning.

The devastation in Lismore is widespread.

Here’s what residents of the area are sharing on social media.

The Lismore City Motor Inn in the CBD and Lismore Turf Club, on the other side of the river, have both been submerged.

This CBD intersection, a key thoroughfare, has gone completely under.

Photo: Getty

Shop owners are returning to their stores to start the clean-up. Heavy machinery has been brought in to help.

People are being advised against returning to houses in flood-affected areas, but some need to see the impact for themselves.

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Photo: Getty

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It may take weeks for the water to completely drain away. This part is beside the river and photo was taken from on top of the levee bank.

Despite the devastation, the locals refuse to lose their sense of humour. The McDonald’s drive-thru has become the ‘row-thru’.

Rockhampton is only just beginning to feel the effects of ex-tropical cyclone Debbie, and they are preparing for the damage. Rockhampton Airport has been sandbagged and is ready.

Council workers are preparing the streets near the Fitzroy River.

It may be a beautiful morning in Rockhampton but water levels are rising rapidly. Time will tell what the damage will be but it’s expected to be the worst flood in the area for 60 years.

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