23 Iconic Pictures Of Global Unrest From The Last Three Years

attached imageRiots in Vancouver.

It started in Greece, with violent austerity protests.

Then the global unrest really took off when Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in Tunisia on December 17, 2011.

Then the protests spread like a fire through the Arab world. Journalists called it the “Arab Spring,” but it seemed even larger than that.

It was.

Austerity measures from Western government’s prompted a similar response: widespread unrest and, in some places, complete upheaval.

If it seems like clashes with cops and/or government troops has been a global phenomenon over the last three years, that’s because it has.

A riot cop faces down an angry protester in Tunisia, January 2011.

Egyptian protestors retreat from the violence in January 2011.

Tunisian rioters gather rocks for clashes with police in January 2011.

A journalist is taken away by Bahrain's Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) forces, which moved into Pearl Square to evacuate anti-government protesters, in Manama March 16, 2011.

A Greek austerity protester in a gas mask hangs out near a burning car in June 2011

A boy jumps into a swimming pool at Aisha Gaddafi's (Ghaddafi's daughter's) palace in Bin Ashour district in Tripoli August 26, 2011.

An Occupy protester pleads with police in late November 2011.

A bloody Italian cop tries to recover at anti-austerity protests in Italy, 2011.

A police officer pauses just seconds after being hit with paint during Occupy protests, 2011.

Police stand ready to disband Occupy protestors in the U.S., 2011.

Riot cops try to break up anti-austerity protests in Greece, 2011.

Police protect Bank Of America employees near Times Square, 2011.

Syrian rebels train for hand-to-hand combat in 2012.

A riot cop kicks a protester near Athens in 2012.

A protester has a dollar bill taped over his mouth during Occupy protests at Zuccotti park in 2011.

A young Syrian girl shouts anti-government slogans, 2012.

Police batter a protester during May Day protests May 1, 2012.

Authorities literally step on a woman's face during Occupy Wall Street protests in the U.S., 2012.

A police Lieutenant swings a baton at protestors during May Day protests in the U.S., 2012.

Topless protesters are hauled away from the front of the Islamist Ministry of Justice, Tunisia, 2013.

An Egyptian protester kicks a tear gas canister in January 2013.

You've seen what's happening around the world ...

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