Gorgeous Photos From The Wild Music Festival That Took Over Randall's Island This Weekend

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Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

This weekend The Governors Ball held its second annual event on Randall’s Island (last year it was on Governors Island) and it was a huge success. The two-day festival was jam-packed with music on two big stages.The stages were close and there were no overlapping sets, so it was easy to see every act. And there were plenty of activities and amenities for festival-goers who wanted a break from the music.

Lines both days were manageable, unlike at other recent New York festivals.

The weather was perfect and everyone we spoke to said the festival was “Awesome!”

In case you missed it, or you just want to relive it, we’ve got pics for you here.

The festival, on Randall's Island, was visible from very far away.

There were plenty of people, but Sunday was definitely more packed than Saturday. However, throughout the weekend lines were manageable and it never felt too crowded.

The weekend was all about the music. Santigold performs.

The fans loved it, but wanted it louder.

Santigold's dancers.

These costumes were crazy.

Lightermate did a great job getting their huge sponsored ball all over the crowd.

The weather was perfect.

Michael Cha from Balloon Chain helped set up the impressive balloon chains circling the site.

Things got hot during Major Lazer (and not the weather).

The dancers were a big hit.

Walshy Fire used the big inflatable globe to get into the crowd (The Flaming Lips were the first to make use of the device).

It isn't quite as graceful as one might imagine.

But the girls loved it.

Diplo got everyone to take their shirts off and start swinging them.

They even let some fans on stage and some of them also took their tops off...let's just say we can't include the picture where the girl in the blue is turning around...

And if you couldn't get on stage it just meant you needed to get on someone's shoulders.

Afterwards a break was needed.

Lots of lawn games to play while resting.

We haven't seen ladder ball in years.

And now lawn would be complete without Bocce Ball.

Need to rehydrate? Stop by the free water stations.

There were two stages, The Hype Stage and The Honda Stage.

Wendy Glennen (L) and Layla Egan (R), came all the way from Ireland, and they were lucky enough to time their trip right for the Governor's Ball.

Chromeo took the stage.

Dave 1 seemed to be having a good time.

The keyboard was pretty sweet.

And it was packed!

Their backup singers were a little tamer than some of the others.

Next we cruised over to this tent full of people dancing...

And even though it had these cool retro speakers, the place was silent.

It was a silent disco sponsored by Sennheiser.

Participants listened to beats through their headphones.

It was hosted by DJ Marmon (Dave Marmon) who can also be found spinning at many of the hottest spots in New York.

The music range for the headphones even extended out to the grounds.

There were security and police throughout the festival, but it was not an overbearing presence and they were there to help.

Christina Ellen Manis tends to the Balloon Chain as the sun sets.

And then Passion Pit took the stage.

Their electropop was a good way to close off the Hype Stage for the first night.

And then Kid Cudi stormed the Honda Stage to close Saturday night.

Some of the Kid Cudi fans had been waiting for hours to get a spot up front.

The place was even more packed on Sunday.

But there was still room for a nap when you needed it.

Drew Bruggeman came all the way to the festival from Indianapolis. He brought this crazy costume for fun and they were trying to get him on stage with Modest Mouse, but it didn't happen.

It was a passionate weekend.

Modest Mouse took the stage.

And the place went crazy.

Isaac Brock belted out some of the band's classics and a lot of newer songs.

And the band played on.

At night the big sign lit up.

And you even got some musical accompaniment as you left the venue.

We could still see and hear the music on our way home.

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