Mouthwatering Pics From The Little Italy Food Festival

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In Little Italy, the San Gennaro Festival is entering the final weekend of its 85th year. That’s right, 85 years. But for some this year is only their first.The festival has been found by the hipster restaurants, some carnival stands, and a few mum and pop shops trying to join in the fun, the food, and the potential for sales.

Last year, Torrisi’s (250 Mulberry St.) was one of the first gourmet offerings to come to San Gennaro. This year, Torrisi’s owner Mario Carbone invited some friends. They set up two tents on Mulberry St. with 8 different restaurants offering food that you wouldn’t normally find at San Gennaro. But the vendors say business is good and they all plan to come back next year.

Torrisi and its crew aren’t the only new ones coming to the festival this year. Less high brow, but still delicious Pickle Me Pete made an appearance and we even found a small vendor making home made dishes from Turkey.

If you want to try these places out, make sure to go quick because the festival’s last day is Sunday, September 25th.

The festival may be celebrating its 85th year, but for some this is only their first year at the festival.

The bright checkered tent on Mulberry St. holds some of the new gourmet establishments trying out the festival.

Smokey bbq ribs, not a common sight at San Gennaro.

Not your typical San Gennaro offerings.

The ribs do look tasty though.

Customers wait eagerly for their food.

Mario's friends at the Spotted Pig, The John Dory, and the Breslin came for their first year at the festival.

Jelly doughnuts and artisan sandwiches, great combo.

Lartusi, an Italian restaurant, decided to offer something a little different for the festival.

Tasty tacos.

Across the way more happy customers check out some of the new arrivals to the festival.

The Little Wisco Mafia, an alliance of Joseph Leonard, Fedora, and Jeffrey's Grocery.

Their chicken meatball pancake, a tasty treat that mixes flavours and styles.

Nearby is Rubirosa offering more classic San Gennaro fare.

Like these gourmet cannolis.

The booths were busy.

Down the street, new arrival Pickle Me Pete was also exploring opportunities at the festival.

Owner Pete Starr said business is good and they will be back next year.

New arrivals to the festival also included this Turkish spot.

The menu offers items that would be impossible to find in previous years at San Gennaro.

And it looks good too.

But don't worry, you can still get all the classics.

And big sausage will always reign at Little Italy's San Gennaro.

Now check out another Little Italy original that has had its share of changes over the years.

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