What It's Like Inside AppNexus' HQ, The Startup That's rumoured To Be The Next $1 Billion Adtech IPO


One New York tech company that’s getting a lot of buzz right now is AppNexus, the online ad platform based in the flatiron district. In January, AppNexus raised a whopping $75 million from Technology Crossover Ventures. Since then it has been on a huge hiring spree, prompting speculation of an IPO in the near future.

In fact, the company is already outgrowing its over 100,500 sq. ft. of office space in what used to be 50 Cent’s old recording studio on 23rd Street. 

We recently stopped by for a tour of the space, to see what life is like working at one of Silicon Alley’s most talked about companies.

The entrance is striking, decorated with the signature AppNexus orange and black colours.

The space is massive. The company has two floors, totaling 100,500 square feet. They are in the process of expanding to 200,000 square feet.

Conference rooms are named after comic book characters...

This is the Hulk room.

And basketball stars.

CEO & Co-Founder Brian O'Kelley is a huge basketball fan.

This Michael Jordan quote is expresses one of O'Kelley's guiding principals – that success comes from trying and failing.

Many employees are also big basketball fans.

Like Matthew Summersgill, a recruiting coordinator who's been with the company just over a month. He's also AppNexus' 500th employee.

AppNexus is now up to 550 employees, and still hiring.

The space has some cool alternatives to working at a desk.

Scott Butterworth is a UI engineer. He was visiting from the company's Portland office. He's been with AppNexus for about a month.

Close to where Butterworth is sitting is the office dining area. Understandably large, to accommodate the large number of employees.

The kitchen is pretty swanky.

With lots of coffee options.

Nearby is a timeline featuring important company milestones.

From powering Microsoft's advertising exchange, to the company's largest hot sauce order to date.

The office is even big enough to have its own auditorium, used for larger meetings.

Back in the main work area, ad server engineer Mike Wright (centre) is meeting with product manager Mike McNeeley (right) and ad server engineer Shareyas Prasad (left).

Above them a motivational sign decorates the area.

She's created a display around her desk. She says she grabs one every time she goes to Duane Reade.

The wolf is her favourite.

Almost everyone has added their own creative accents to their desk.

On the second floor, employees can exercise their creativity in other ways, by creating poems in the poetry nook.

Near the second floor elevator guests see a cool logo mural as the leave the building.

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