Inside the £6 million London house of ex-MI5 spy Greville Wynne

Estate agents Russell Simpson is giving people the rare opportunity to see inside the house of a former British spy.

The semi-detached family house of former British MI5 spy Greville Wynne is up for sale and already received an undisclosed offer this month. The asking price for 19 Upper Cheyne Row, London, is £6 million ($US9.4 million) but judging by the property’s famous history and the fact that it’s in a sought-after location — upmarket neighbourhood Chelsea — it wouldn’t be too surprising if the offer was a lot higher.

The five-bedroom house is famous for being the location where Wynne managed to help avert World War III, meeting with KGB informant Colonel Oleg Penkovsky there in the 1970s.

It’s also incredibly beautiful, has a massive outdoor garden, a bar, and is only 20 minutes to London’s Canary Wharf.

Check out the house’s history and see what it looks like right now»

The unmodernised Grade II listed house is in a quiet street in the heart of Chelsea. 'The entire home is a 1960s capsule,' Russell Simpson's director Jake Russell told the Evening Standard.

The original 1960s decor is largely untouched, which is why the house has served as a perfect filming location for various British Cold War dramas.

It still has the original oak-panelled ceilings and wood cabinets.

Since Wynne didn't like meeting his KGB contact in public, he and the KGB spy convinced MI5 to splash out on buying a bar for the house. They were offered £500 each to build it. However, history books say that the bar only cost £100 to build and they spent the rest on booze.

The house is clearly geared around serving guests. It has three reception rooms.

The house also has five bedrooms.

The master bedroom suite occupies the entire first floor along with a study.

It also has access to a roof terrace. And if that wasn't enough ...

It overlooks a 1,000 square foot garden, which contains a private cottage with bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen diner for guests.

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