Crazy Pictures From A Chinese Gangster's Cell Phone

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Photo: Imgur

China, can sometimes seem like the Wild West of the East. Rapid development, rampant corruption, and a long history of organised crime can make for an interesting combination. Especially, when you throw a cell phone with a camera into the mix.Click here to go straight to the pictures >

These images come to us via Imgur, an anonymous photo sharing site, so we can’t verify the identity of the people in them or the veracity of the images. But they look pretty convincing on their own. At least the kind of things you might expect to see in the cell phone of an up and coming Chinese gangster. 

Havocscope, an online database of black market activities, estimates the value of China’s black market at $261 billion, compared to an average country black market value of $ 21.19 billion.

From luxury cars to what look like beatings and plenty of cash money shots, it appears the life of a Chinese mafioso can be pretty interesting and dangerous. 

Could this be the man whose phone these came from or just a friend?

Nice Porsche.

And lots of cash.

Scary scene as things get serious.

More car shots and look at that tattoo.

This guy is clearly into his car.

The outside and the inside.

Counting money.

His gear perhaps? Men in China often carry bags like this to keep their cash, phone, and other accessories. It can be important status symbol to have an expensive one.

Tough guy.

More cash.

Another fancy car.

And two more very expensive cars.

He looks serious.

A little more playful here.

Even Chinese gangsters like cute pics with their dogs.

This one is not so cute.

Cash money next to a fancy tea set. The tea ceremony is an important piece of Chinese culture and is an important hospitality gesture, even and perhaps especially among gangsters where concepts of mianzi (face) and guanxi (connections) are very important.

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