You can now buy an inflatable pickle pool float for less than $10 on Amazon

AmazonAt the time of writing, just one pickle goes for $US6.99 and a package of six costs $US19.97 on Amazon.

There are all kinds of wild pickle products available for purchase across the internet, like pickle chips,pickle sandwiches, and pickle juice slushies.

Now, pickle enthusiasts can add to their collection with an inflatable pickle that makes for the ideal summer pool float. The Rhode Island Novelty Giant Inflatable Pickle is 36 inches long and comes complete with a smiley face that would not be out of place on “VeggieTales.”

Pickle pool floatAmazonThe Rhode Island Novelty Giant Inflatable Pickle.

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Anyone looking to spruce up their summer can purchase the pickle float on Amazon. At the time of writing, just one pickle goes for $US6.99, but you can also purchase a package of six pickle floats for $US19.97. The Rhode Island Novelty website also sells a dozen pickles directly for $US18.

The inflatable pickle is far from the first wonky pool float to emerge ahead of this summer season. There’s a float shaped like a giant sloth, a seven-foot-tall rainbow float that lets you lounge on a cloud with friends, and even a float with a built-in motor that lets you zoom away from all your problems.

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