T. BOONE PICKENS: Obama's Exercise Routine Is 'Pitiful'

Boone PickensAP ImagesT. Boone Pickens

Billionaire energy tycoon T. Boone Pickens had harsh words for President Barack Obama’s policies in an interview with Business Insider last Friday, but he also criticised the president’s fitness regimen.

Pickens said he thinks Obama’s workout routine is “pitiful.”

This summer, leaked footage showed Obama using 10 lb. weights in a hotel gym in Poland. At the time, Pickens, who is 86-years-old, tried to challenge the President on Twitter to a 1-hour workout where they could also hammer out an energy plan. Obama never accepted Pickens’ challenge.

“I tried to get the President involved in that deal after I saw on TV he had 10-pound weights and he was working out. I mean it’s pitiful,” he told Business Insider.

Pickens went on to say he can lift far more weight than the president.

“And hell, I can curl 30s and he’s got tens.”

Pickens has been working out every morning at 6:30 with his personal trainer for the last twenty-six years.

He Tweeted earlier this month that his trainer’s job description is “Keep Boone alive.”

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