This Picasso Painting Was Stolen From A Greek Gallery After Its Guards Went On Strike

Picasso Woman's Head

[credit provider=”AP”]

Picasso’s Woman’s Head, a 1939 painting donated to the country by the artist, has been stolen in an early morning raid on Athens National Gallery, the BBC reports.The painting, along with three other valuable works, was stolen at around 5am this morning. An intruder had set off multiple alarms around the building to distract the guard on duty, who gave chase to a “silhouette” he saw stealing the artwork.

Crucially, it appears that only one guard was on duty at the time. Why? Because of a strike, of course.

The painting was an oil on canvas given by the artist to the country in recognition for their fight against Nazi Germany. The back reads (in French) “for the Greek people, a tribute by Picasso”, AFP reports.

A Mondrian sketch and a sketch 16th century Italian artist Guglielmo Caccia (aka Moncalvo) were also stolen, given the goods a a total value of around 5.5 million euros ($7 million).

Police have not ruled out an inside job.