Tech workers in California are planning to walk out and protest Trump on 'Pi Day'

Google ProtestMatthew WeinbergerGoogle employees protesting Donald Trump’s immigration ban.

March 14, also known as Pi Day, is a special day for techies and maths nerds.

(3/14, or 3.14… get it?)

This year, a group of Bay Area tech workers organising on Facebook plans to turn the annual geek holiday into one of protest against President Donald Trump.

The group Tech Stands Up To Trump, which was spotted by Axios and other outlets, plans to walk out of their jobs on March 14 and protest at Palo Alto’s city hall. The group’s Facebook page says over 1,000 people plan to attend.

Brad Taylor, an engineer at Opitimizely who organised the event, told Business Insider that 389 people have signed up to help with the logistics of the protests through a public Google Doc.

The group’s description says it wants to influence tech leaders to stand up to Trump, something that we’re already starting to see. On Sunday, 97 tech companies filed an amicus brief against Trump’s immigration ban, for example.

The movement also echoes other walkouts we’ve seen in response to Trump’s immigration ban over the last week or so. Last week, about 2,000 Google employees walked out of their jobs in protests against Trump, and executives like CEO Sundar Pichai and co-founder Sergey Brin spoke against the ban. Comcast employees also walked out in protest last week in Philadelphia.

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