Hitting The Gym Might Make Your Employees Hate You Less


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If your boss is fat and lazy, he’s more likely to treat you badly.Supervisors who experience high levels of stress often take their frustrations out on those below them, but a new study finds that regular exercise could help combat stress and in turn reduce the incidence of employee abuse.

It’s common konwledge that exercise can decrease stress. According to the Mayo Clinic, working out can cause your body to produce endorphins and boost your mood.

And the better bosses feel, the more able they’ll be to deal with the stress that they encounter each day, and the less likely they’ll be to project that stress onto their suboordinates.

Employees’ perceptions that they’re being mistreated, known to researchers as abusive supervision, affects nearly 16% of Americans and costs an estimated $23.8 billion annually, according to one study

behaviours like public put-downs, yelling, and blaming an employee unfairly can have far-reaching effects, like decreased productivity and high turnover. Treating employees like crap can also hurt the bottom line in the long term, according to a study published by the Journal of Applied Psychology. Workers who experienced this kind of behaviour were found to engage in more destructive behaviours like speaking badly about the company to outsiders and being unsupportive toward co-workers.


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