People are sharing a fake photo of Hillary Clinton with a Confederate flag

Twitter users on Tuesday circulated a picture of a college-age Hillary Clinton sitting beside a Confederate flag. There’s just one, big problem: The photo has been digitally altered to include the Confederate flag, as Mediaite reports

Here’s the original photo, taken by Life magazine in 1969, juxtaposed with the doctored image. In the original, the then-Wellesley College class leader Clinton talked “about student protests, which she supported in her commencement speech,” according to The Guardian.

Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for president, said last month that the Confederate flag was a “symbol of our nation’s racist past.” As controversy over the Confederate flag’s presence at the South Carolina Statehouse grounds grew in the aftermath of the church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, Clinton said the flag “shouldn’t fly anywhere.” 

The South Carolina Senate voted Tuesday to remove the flag from the Statehouse grounds, sending the bill to the House.

But for Clinton critics thinking they caught a classic case of hypocrisy, the photo was incredibly popular. Prominent conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza’s tweet on the photo was retweeted more than 550 times. It’s unclear who originally doctored the photograph to include the flag, but D’Souza’s tweet helped fan the fire. He also shared the tweet on his Facebook account

D’Souza later issued a correction, taking a shot at Clinton’s glasses and haircut in the process:


Here are some of the other tweets that included the photograph:


Other Twitter users were quick to note that the photograph was edited.

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