The Worst Photoshops In History


Julia Roberts

Photo: Telegraph

Earlier this week L’OrĂ©al pulled an ad campaign after excessively Photoshopping Julia Roberts and model Christy Turlington.But this isn’t the first time someone blundered using Photoshop.

News photos have been doctored, award-winning photos modified and many cover models made to look impossibly thin.

Katy Perry is seriously enhanced in this Rolling Stone cover

Madonna looks younger, brighter, and just generally better in the photo

A rally in Yemen was photoshopped to make it look twice as big

North Korea may have doctored this photo to exaggerate a recent tsunami

The Economist made this cover much more dramatic by photoshopping the two others out

In the original photo, Hosni Mubarek is in the back left corner. He was photoshopped to be in front of Obama

National Geographic admitted that those perfectly lined up jets were photoshopped

Redbook gave Faith no wrinkles, thinner arms, slimmer back, longer neck

There are a mess of legs in this photo, and a missing foot..

Complex magazine used some serious airbrushing on this picture of Kim Kardashian

Believe it or not, these photos are real

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