This Bizarre Photoshoot Imagines What It Would Look Like If Men Could Breastfeed

Attention new mothers, your male partners feel your pain. That’s the message from Project: BreastFeeding, a new group dedicated to educating men about the importance of breastfeeding and empowering women to breastfeed in public without feeling ashamed.

In order to encourage men to learn more about breastfeeding and empathise with the pain women undergo during the process, the Tennessee-based group created a photoshoot of women breastfeeding their children and men pretending to do so. This is what that looks like:

But wait, there’s more!

The project was created by a man named Hector Cruz, who struggled to watch his wife endure pain while breastfeeding their baby daughter. He began to think more about his role as a father and ultimately came to the conclusion that if he could breastfeed, he would.

While some, like Jezebel’s Tracie Egan Morrissey, may consider this campaign to be condescending, Cruz felt it was important enough to begin soliciting donations to create a nonprofit that would allow him to go around the country educating people and photographing them breastfeeding and pretending to breastfeed their children.

Here’s Cruz telling his story in his own words:

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