PHOTOS: Your first look at the Shortfin Barracuda, Australia's next submarine

Photo: DCNS.

Australia has commissioned French shipbuilding company DCNS to build its newest fleet of submarines for the Royal Australia Navy.

The Shortfin Barracuda submarines will replace the Collins Class fleet currently serving.

The prime minister confirmed today that 12 of these subs will be built in Osborne in South Australia by Australian workers using Australian steel.

The project alone will generate 2800 Australian jobs.

“These submarines will be the most sophisticated Naval vessels in the world,” said Turnbull.

“This is a great day for our Navy, a great day for Australia’s 21st century economy, a great day for the jobs of the future.”

The Shortfin Barracuda Block 1A, designed specifically for the Royal Australian Navy, will be powered by pump jet propulsion which means it can move more quietly than submarines with obsolete propeller technology.

DCNS Australia was formally established last year after it was invited to participate in the Australian government’s Future Submarine Program – SEA1000 Competitive Evaluation Process.

DCNS is the only company in the world to be competent in the construction of both conventional and nuclear submarines, delivering vessels of between 2,000 tonnes to 14,000 tonnes for navies all around the world.

So far it has built more than 100 submarines for nine navies.

See images of the Shortfin Barracuda submarine here.

Here it is...

The Shortfin Barracuda submarine.

It's over 90 metres in length...

And displaces more than 4,000 tons when dived.

It is expected to remain in service until the 2060s.

It was also named after an indigenous Australian fish.

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