11 Surreal Photos That Make Sochi Look Like The Summer Olympics

The official slogan for the Sochi Olympics is “Hot. Cool. Yours.” Prior to the Olympics we could not have anticipated just how prescient that would be.

With temperatures reaching the 60s on several days, the warm weather has wreaked havoc on some events.

But it has also created some amazing photos of the Olympics, both during the events and outside the venues. We collected 11 of our favourites from Getty, AP, and Reuters.

A volunteer takes a break to soak in some rays.

Lots of people are taking to the beach.

The water is even warm enough for some to swim.

American cross country skier Sophie Caldwell switched to a tank top to deal with the heat.

Some spectators ditched more than sleeves.

Such as this spectator at the cross-country course.

One man stripped down to his underwear before going in the water.

The Olympic Village at times looks like Central Park in the spring.

With temperatures reaching the low 60s, some turned to t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops.

Chris Jepersen, a Norwegian cross country skier, cut the sleeves and legs off of his uniform.

And of course, people love the beach.

Now check out what the biggest Winter Olympic stars looked like when they were much younger.

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