Check Out Tutorspree, The Startup That Wants To Help Everyone Get Into Harvard

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Do you ever wonder how people make it to Harvard?So does Aaron Harris, co-founder and CEO of Tutorspree and a Harvard alum. He thinks high quality tutoring is an important part of achieving the academic success necessary for acceptance to the world’s most prestigious universities. 

So Harris started a company with the mission of making high-quality tutoring accessible to all.

Tutorspree has built a growing roster of excellent tutors around the country, currently they are at about 7,000. Prospective students or their parents can go online and type in their zip code to get a list of potential tutors in their area. If they are interested they fill out a brief online form and a Tutorspree representative contacts them.

Tutorspree works with potential clients to find the best tutor for the job and then they set up scheduling with the tutors. The company handles the payment and takes a small cut, but part of their appeal to tutors is that most of the money actually goes to the tutor.

They work out of a chill office in hip SoHo and we recently stopped by to see what they are up to.

Tutorspree is working hard to make high quality tutoring highly affordable.

A small, dedicated team occupies one large room.

They had some festive holiday lighting up.

And a chill area near the entrance.

The name's Bond, James Bond. And this happens to be one of his best games ever.

Looks like a one-room office right?

But that wall in the corner is actually a hidden doorway to a parallel universe where the Tutorspree tech team works (i.e. its also the main meeting room).

The door has a pole connected to it running down the middle so it can be hidden from view when closed.

Inside are two of the three engineers working at Tutorspree, one works remotely. On the right is Ryan Bednar, a Tutorspree co-founder and head of the engineering side of things.

Sitting across from him is Chung-Yi Chi, the company's user-experience engineer.

Originally from Taiwan, Chi came to the US for school and stayed to work. The thing on his desk is a cool little product from a 3D printer.

They used to have a fog machine, and who doesn't want to keep fog juice around.

The company has some Jewish roots.

And a mini fridge too...

Looks about right.

The team works together closely.

The space makes it easy for face to face communication. That's co-founder Josh Abrams talking to his sister, community manager and education consultant Rebecca Abrams.

Meanwhile, co-founder and CEO Aaron Harris is busy at work. A few months ago he tried working standing up because of back pain and now he splits his days between standing and sitting.

The blue figure actually belongs to someone else in the office but has been appropriated by Harris. The wooden figure is a recent gift from his wife.

Georges Clement (left) and Dinis Passarinho (right) are education consultants at Tutorspree. This means they help connect prospective clients with the company's growing network of tutors.

They often confer on plans and strategies.

Rebecca Abrams joined the team in June 2011 shortly after graduating from NYU.

They got some nice holiday baskets.

Which were close to co-founder and chief of operations Josh Abrams, though he was too focused to dig into the snacks.

It was Brian Bonsall...and now time for another tour.

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