PHOTOS: Tourists Taking Bizarre Pictures With Australian Landmarks

Sydney. Photo: Google Maps.

The modern day tourist can document a holiday better than any traveller before them.

Instant, high definition technology and wifi available almost everywhere, it is understandable why “the tourist photo” has become a common catch phrase.

But you have to laugh at some of the things tourists do when getting their photo taken.

It happens all around the globe. Stunning, historically significant landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Piza or the London Bridge used as a photographic props. In many cases being eaten, kissed, kicked and pinched.

Whatever it may be, it’s funny. So here some ridiculous photos tourists have posted on Instagram posing with iconic landmarks around the country.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Opera House

Parliament House

Melbourne Tower

Kangaroo Island

The Twelve Apostles

Kings Park War Memorial


The Q1 Building

The Big Banana

Byron Bay Lighthouse

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