TOUCHDOWN CONFIRMED! NASA's Curiosity Rover Successfully Lands On Mars And Transmits First Pictures

NASA Mars Curiosity Rover

Photo: NASA tv

NASA’s $2.6 billion rover, Curiosity, has successfully landed on Mars this morning and has already transmitted pictures from the surface of the red planet.The landing was broadcast live by NASA, with a dramatic view of mission control and the conversations that went on. The show included an Elvis look-a-like, a lot of peanuts, and some tense moments. And when Curiosity’s landing was confirmed, it was sheer jubilation, with lots of hugging, high fives, and even some tears.

On the next few pages we’ll take a closer look at the tense moments leading up to the landing, the celebration, and the first images from Mars. 

The $2.6 billion rover was in the hands of these men and women

An Elvis look-a-like gave an inspirational speech just moments before the landing

Peanuts were eaten as a good luck charm. Good thing nobody at NASA has a peanut allergy.

This was the graphic they used to get a visual of the landing

There were stunned looks

There were tears

The first image came, a low-resolution look at one of the wheels on the rover, and the afternoon horizon

But then this happened and it was amazing that something this clear just traveled 140,000,000 miles

The final image to come through was a look in the other direction where we could see the rover's shadow

And there was this

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