Photos Of The Unbelievable Tornado Damage In Joplin, Missouri

Joplin tornado

Photo: AP

89 people were killed last night as a tornado tore through the city of Joplin, Mo.The town suffered a “direct hit’ with hospitals, schools and commercial districts destroyed in the storm.

According to the Springfield News-Leader, debris from the destruction was thrown throughout the county.

The tornado cut a swath one-mile wide by four-miles long.

Jeff Law, 23, was at a friends house when the storm struck: “I’ve lived in this neighbourhood my entire life, and I didn’t know where I was,” Law said. “Everything was unrecognizable. Completely unrecognizable. It’s like Armageddon.”

The parking lot of St. John's Hospital in Joplin

A destroyed helicopter lies on its side at the Joplin Regional Medical centre

Emergency personnel walk through a neighbourhood near the hospital

A man walks past destroyed vehicles at the Joplin Regional Medical centre

Emergency workers waiting on a medical team

Volunteer firefighters look through home wreckage where it was believed a pregnant woman was trapped

Residents help a woman who hid in her basement during the tornado

An emergency workers searches the wreckage of the Joplin Walmart

Hospital workers walk from the wreckage of the Joplin Regional Medical centre

Residents of Joplin on 26th St. near Maiden Lane

Residents begin digging through the rubble of their home after the tornado

Emergency workers waiting for a medical team after finding a body in a tornado damaged car

A man carries a young boy who was rescued after being trapped in his home

Volunteer firefighters from Oklahoma survey the wreckage of homes in Joplin

'It's like Armageddon.'

Destroyed vehicles piled on top of each other at Joplin Regional Medical centre

A body is seen in the car as emergency teams wait for a medical crew

Workers wait for a medical team after finding a body in a tornado ravaged car

Joplin residents survey the damage in their neighbourhood

The lingering clouds from the storm that caused the tornado

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