PHOTOS: Today's solar eclipse in northern Australia and Asia

The total solar eclipse as seen from Palembang city, South Sumatra province, Indonesia. Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

A total solar eclipse swept across Indonesia and parts of Southeast Asia, marked by parties, tribal rituals and prayers.

Watching the eclipse in Indonesia. Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

The moon’s shadow passing across the sun was also partly visible in parts of northern Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

People on a 160km path of totality across Southeast Asia experienced the total solar eclipse.

“People gazed at the sky in wonder and cheered while others knelt in prayer as a total eclipse of the sun unfolded over Indonesia,” the Jakarta Post reported.

In the capital Jakarta, thousands of residents packed a planetarium at a downtown park where officials distributed about 4,000 filtered viewing glasses.

The solar eclipse was visible for between one and a half to three minutes in most places, while the whole eclipse took more than two hours.

Antara, Indonesia’s national news agency, says millions of Indonesians enthusiastically watched the eclipse.

“Many of them also thronged mosques to performed special eclipse prayers,” Antara says.

NASA collaborated with the Exploratorium in San Francisco and the National Science Foundation to provide live coverage of the total solar eclipse from Micronesia, a group of atolls in the Pacific ocean.

Watch NASA’s coverage:

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