5 Photos That Will Get You Crazy Excited For Shark Week

Shark Week!

Discovery Channel’s wildly popular television series about one of the oceans’ most powerful predators returns on Sunday, August 4, for its 26th season.

You can check out this year’s episode lineup here.

In the meantime, enjoy these shark-y photos to get you even more pumped for the Shark Week premiere.

Veteran “Shark Week” filmmaker Jeff Kurr and crew capture Great White Sharks on camera in New Zealand.

Shark Week

Photographer Andrew Casagrande gets close to clamping a fin cam onto a Great White.

Shark Week

A Great White is seen up-close in New Zealand.

Shark Week

This special Sharkcam locks onto the signal emitted from a shark’s tag and tracks its every move.

Shark Week

A large Great White shark cruises past the underwater cameraman at Guadalupe Island off the coast of Mexico.

Shark Week

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