PHOTOS: Tiny, scary-looking fish have been found in deep water off the coast of Sydney

A black dragonfish Image: Marine National Facility and Derrick Cruz

New research vessel, the RV Investigator, recently completed a scientific voyage to track the seabed off Australia up to 5 kilometres down.

Among the discoveries by the $120 million ship, commissioned in December last year, was a group of extinct volcanoes 250 kilometres off the coast of Sydney.

They were discovered during a search for nursery grounds for larval lobsters. At the same time the ship was routinely mapping the seafloor.

The scientist on the research ship also picked up a range of sea life samples, including:

A larval fish, Melanostomiidae. Image: Marine National Facility


A larval fish, Chauliodontidae. Image: Marine National Facility


Larval lobster. Image: Marine National Facility

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