PHOTOS: This South Korean Volleyball All-Star Game Looks Completely Bizarre

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons

Recently, the Korean Volleyball Federation held their 2012 V-League All-Star game. And while we don’t know much else about the game, the pictures paint a bizarre picture (via let’s get straight to the photos…

It was volleyball, but they still had a red carpet

And apparently it was really cold

But that didn't stop these two from sharing Coke moment

Before the volleyball, there were some non-volleyball events

With some bizarre outfits

Is this an All-Star game or a 12-year old's birthday party?

My 2-year old would love this place

More fake butt shorts

And is that fake hair or just Howard Stern's sister?

They did eventually play volleyball

When they weren't looking for contact lenses

But that seemed like an afterthought to the rest of the day

Family Feud?

South Korean Justin Biebers?

Some players wore bows during the introductions

And some of the suits got in on the action

Now it really gets weird

The Liberos (defensive specialists) wore superhero costumes


Which produced odds scenes like this

Even the men got in on the act

We have no idea

Some volleyball players are tall

Is that an American flag?

The group picture included lots of furry creatures

And two lucky souls got fancy MVP checks

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