PHOTOS: This rare, deadly sea snake was found on a beach in Sydney

Just when you thought sharks were the only things to worry about when swimming in the ocean this summer, a deadly Stokes’ sea snake has been found washed up on Sydney’s popular beach at Manly.

The metre-long snake, which is normally found in the tropical seas of northern Australia, including Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland, washed up in Manly Cove last week, where it was found by a local resident and collected by Manly Sea Life Sanctuary.

Manly Sea Life Sanctuary aquarist Sharnie Connell posted photos of the snake on Facebook saying that the snake was in poor health when they found it, but since shedding its skin, appears to be more lively.

The Astrotia stokesii, otherwise known as the Stokes’ sea snake. Before and after photos of the snake shedding its skin. Photo: Sharnie Connell/ Facebook.

“Highly venomous and seriously sick covered in barnacles,” she said. “Hope he makes it.”

She also told The Daily Telegraph that the marine snake, whose fangs are long enough to pierce a wetsuit, is highly venomous and “you have to be very lucky to survive” if bitten by it.

The animal is among the largest of the marine snakes, growing up to two metres long and almost 30cm in girth.

Here’s a look at one in action:

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