PHOTOS: This Model Of The New Yankee Stadium Is Incredible

Yankee Stadium Model

Photo: Major League Models by Steve Wolf

Last year we took a look at some of Steve Wolf’s incredibly detailed models of baseball stadiums. And he is back with his newest creation, a replica of the new Yankee Stadium. And while we prefer the old-time models, this one is simply amazing.Each model take approximately 2,000 hours work (approximately 250 8-hour days), depending on the scale and amount of detail. And the attention to detail is incredible, right down to the electric lights and the manicured grass.

Several of Wolf’s pieces are featured in the LA Sports Museum. And one of Wolf’s pieces, the model of 1961 Yankee Stadium that covers 49 square feet, was valued at $150,000 in 2007.

You can see more of Wolf’s work and learn more about the artist at

Here's the artist with his creation

If this weren't on a table, you would have a hard time distinguishing it from the real thing

Notice the electronic boards along the outside

The lighting is perfect

There is even the requisite screen behind home plate

Notice how awesome the grass looks

A good look at the atrium in the new Yankee Stadium

Of course, it has Yankee Stadium's signature facade

If anybody is looking for something to get me for my birthday!

Now check out some of Steve Wolf's other creations

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