PHOTOS: This German Artist Is Creating Some Stunningly Surreal Body Art

Human Flamingo by Gesine Marwedal Image: Thomas van de Wall.

German-born artist Gesine Marwedal is creating some mind-blowing works, drawing inspiration from the animal world in her body-art.

The detail in some of the 27-year-old’s works makes it difficult to spot the human sporting her paintings.

Her career began when she posted some of her canvas paintings on the internet.

“A photographer (Thomas van de Wall) saw them and asked me to paint a face. That’s how it started,” she said on her website.

Marwedal said her works take between four and seven hours to complete but some have taken over 12 hours – only to be washed away in minutes.

Her models don’t have to stand the whole time and apparently getting painted isn’t tickling – rather it apparently feels like an “awesome… massage for 5-7 hours”.

“Mostly they can lay down and even sleep. And they can move from time to time, go to toilet and of course eat and drink. But at the end it is exhausting for both, the model and me,” she said, adding, “it feels exciting and good to transform into something else”.

Here’s a taste of some of the beautifully surreal works Marwedal has created.

There’s more here.

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