PHOTOS: There's now a 9 metre-high mural of Kim Kardashian's nude selfie in Melbourne

Photo: Instagram/ @lushsux.

Australia is home to the big banana, the big golden guitar, the big merino, the big pineapple and even the big bogan.

In fact, there are estimated to be more than 150 “big things” around the country, in every state.

We even recently added “Forever Marilyn” — an eight metre high, 15 tonne metal statue of Marilyn Monroe in Bendigo — to the list.

But no someone has taken this Australian obsession to the next level.


A photo posted by lushsux (@lushsux) on

This street mural of Kim Kardashian’s most recent Instagram nude selfie to go viral on the next popped up in Gwynne Street in Cremorne, Melbourne over the weekend.

Street artist “lushsux” is thought to have crafted the artwork after posting the image on their Instagram page.

Since it was painted the street art has attracted a lot of attention locally, and internationally.


A video posted by lushsux (@lushsux) on

Although, someone took offence and threw paint bombs at the mural a few days later.

Lushsux is also behind a mural featuring Donald Trump’s head, painted last weekend near the new KK addition.

@realdonaldtrump PAINT THAT WALL

A photo posted by lushsux (@lushsux) on

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