PHOTOS: The Sun Just Disappeared In Antarctica And Will Be Gone For Four Months

© Rhiana Jenkins – Antarctica New Zealand Medic and Domestic

Today was the last time the sun was seen above the horizon in Antarctica before the long night which goes until until August 19.

The sunrise today was at just after midday at 12.06pm and the last sunset was at 1.35pm, local time.

That’s a short day of just one and a half hours.

© Rhiana Jenkins – Antarctica New Zealand Medic and Domestic

Lisa-Marie Brooks, science and communications advisor at Antarctica NZ, says it was minus 45 degrees when these photographs were taken. There was a 35kmh wind.

New Zealander Bobbie McSweeney and Australian Rhiana Jenkins wore full ECW (extreme cold weather) clothing to take these photos.

This is Bobbie’s third winter and Rhiana’s first in Antarctica.

© Bobbie McSweeney – Antarctica New Zealand Winter Chef

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