Take A Tour Of One Of The First Digital Music Startups

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The Orchard is a music and video distribution company that enables artists, mostly independent artists, to sell and market their content directly, across platforms and throughout the digital space.It started as a mostly digital focused music distributor in 1997! To put that in perspective, Google didn’t launch until 1998 and Napster wasn’t up and running until 1999. (Though mainly digital, The Orchard also does some physical distribution as well.)

These guys have been doing digital since before Internet savvy kids, much less major record labels, knew what digital was. They are a little bit ahead of the curve. Combining deep music roots with a far sighted understanding of the market and savvy tech skills they have been able to develop a company that provides artists with the tools they need to promote themselves and their music.

The Orchard is a modern music distributor and the office fits. The elevator is covered in band stickers.

The orange is their logo and their colour.

It makes appearances all over the office.

As do the gold and platinum records lining the walls.

With some of the staff's favourite albums up there also.

The office maintains a straightforward cubicle layout.

We stop and visit Jaclyn Ranere, Vice President of Product Marketing at The Orchard.

Next stop, The Orchard's in-house studio.

We were lucky enough to chat with Richard Gottehrer, a co-founder and the Chief Creative Officer at The Orchard.

The Orchard has an in-house video team, Shawn Przybilla is the manager of the department.

He has rigged this old computer as a Nintendo Classic MOD and you can play tons of games on it.

He was much better at it than we were.

Next door the product team is busy at work.

Karen Lasalvia (left, far) Senior Web Developer, works with Ronit Shaham (right, close) a product manager on some new aspects of The Orchard/

Evan Rosen is a designer at The Orchard working on an analytics project.

He has rigged his own standing desk setup.

Rosen had seen someone else using the standing desk and tried it out. He has done it ever since.

Back into the office there is a bike rack for employees.

Tonia Samman is an Interactive Marketing Manager and has been at The Orchard for over 5 years.

She had this funny picture on her desk.

It came from this calendar, which belongs to...

Meagan Friedman, a Retail Marketing Manager, who got the calendar from another colleague as an end of year gift a few years ago.

If funny cat calenders aren't your thing there is a Nerf hoop for use.

But Brendan Nunn, Manager of Video Programming is too busy working to play.

Video is a smaller component of The Orchard's business, but it is growing. Right now, The Orchard works mostly with independent films and documentaries.

We noted this sign as we head into the tech section.

Not all the bands mentioned in the office are part of The Orchard family, but they are good.

Paulo Kuong, originally from Macau, has been at The Orchard for 6 years. He originally came to the US in 1998 for school.

He has this interesting Nerf missile launcher.

It is computer controlled and you can even see where it is aiming through a little screen on the computer window.

Looks like we are entering the Physical Department.

Yes. Some music does in fact still get distributed in a physical format - even if way more people are actually listening in a digital format.

Sophia Heintz is an intern in the physical department. A senior at SUNY Oneonta she is studying Music Industry.

We take the stairs up to the second floor. Sometimes bands will come in to the office and hold acoustic concerts on the steps.

A little singing toy.

Behind which sits Joanna Wu, a data analyst who is also the longest tenured employee in the company, with 9 years at the Orchard.

She went to Michigan - and it shows.

We can across this curtain and it was open!

But we respected the sign and closed it.

An office this big and energized needs caffeine.

Lots of caffeine.

They also have a kegorator, with orange cups of course.

No need to open up the fridge to see what's in it.

Benjamin Silverberg works in Client services.

He is a soccer fan, but can't pick between these two opposing teams.

We stop by CTO Josh Builder's office. He is a Mets fan, don't hold it against him.

Josh Builder, CTO at The Orchard, has helped the company develop their product team and engineering tactics.

Want to check out another cool office?

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