PHOTOS: The most famous cruise line on the high seas is turning 175

Queen Victoria meets the QE2 before she retired in 2008 in Sydney Harbour. Photo: James Morgan

An Australian photographer has captured life aboard some of the world’s greatest cruise liners. Sydney-based James Morgan had just 175 hours last year to capture Cunard’s Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth across the oceans for an exhibition that takes you behind-the-scenes for the company’s 175th anniversary.

The 70 photographs in the OneSevenFive exhibition, which can be seen for free on the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House until Thursday, March 19, range from the serving of afternoon tea in Queen Mary 2’s ballroom to the storing of ropes below decks, as well as images taken during the trio’s visits to Sydney Harbour.

The final two shots were taken last Friday when the Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria had their first rendezvous together in Sydney.

Morgan said that it was his favourite assignment in 30 years of photography around the globe.

“Nothing excites me as much as hanging out of a helicopter and seeing Queen Mary 2 sailing towards me,” he said.

You can until Thursday evening to see the photos at the Opera House, but if you miss them, here’s a sample.

Queen Mary 2's captain and hotel manager inspect the bells boys before their official portrait

Queen Mary 2 in New Zealand's Milford Sound

Photo: James Morgan

Crew aboard the Queen Victoria stow ropes after leaving port

Photo: James Morgan

Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria sail to Southampton

Photo: James Morgan

Queen Victoria's funnel

Photo: James Morgan

Afternoon tea time aboard the Queen Mary 2

Photo: James Morgan

Commodore Christopher Rynd at the base of the Queen Mary 2's funnel

Photo: James Morgan

Queen Mary 2 from the bow

Photo: James Morgan

Queen Mary 2 arrives in Sydney

Photo: James Morgan

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